Why Do We Celebrate Women’s Day on 8 March?

The original reason for celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March was because it was a Sunday, and therefore easier for women to attend the day’s events. Since then, it has been observed annually on that date, allowing a particular time to be permanently etched into the calendar. In 1977, the day was made an official United Nations Day and has become an international event.

The 2022 theme for International Women’s Day is Gender equality today for a sustainable future

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 each year and aims to celebrate the achievements of women and girls around the world. It also highlights the importance of gender equality and raises awareness about issues that require action. This year’s theme, Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Future, highlights women’s contributions to climate change and other environmental issues. Climate change is a global challenge, and women are particularly vulnerable to its effects. As such, their participation is vital to ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.

The 2022 theme for International Women’s day reflects the theme of the 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which is Climate Change, Environment, Disaster Risk Reduction and Gender Equality at the Center of Solutions. The CSW is the principal global intergovernmental body devoted to promoting gender equality.

Education is a powerful tool to close the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap remains one of the most significant issues facing women in the workplace. Despite their increased participation in the workforce and advancement in education, women are still underpaid and more likely to work in low-wage jobs. This inequality can affect women at every wage level and across occupations and sectors. While new laws are helping close some gaps, they are not enough to eliminate the gender wage gap. Education is a powerful tool for addressing this issue.

The gender pay gap is compounded by women’s intersecting identities. For example, a 2020 study shows that African-American women earn 63 cents for every dollar that white men earn. Latina women earn 55 cents for every dollar that white men make. Meanwhile, Asian-American women make 87 cents for every dollar that a white man makes. Additionally, women from non-white ethnicities are more likely to work in lower-paying service industries, according to the data.

It is a day for women to spend time with one another

Women’s day is an international day that celebrates the achievements of women and their rights. The holiday has evolved from its original founding in the early 1900s. The main goal of the day is to increase the visibility of women and their achievements.

In many countries, women spend the day celebrating one another’s achievements, while men celebrate the importance of spending time with their partners and families. It is also a national holiday in many countries. Some employers give women a half-day off on March 8 in order to honor women.

It is a day to gift each other flowers

The modern celebration of Women’s Day is heavy on the gift of flowers. This tradition dates back to 1917, when Alexandra Kollontai, a Russian feminist, led thousands of textile workers on strike. Her “women’s demonstration for peace and bread” led to the abdication of Czar Nicholas II only four days after it began.

Though the original purpose of International Women’s Day was to demonstrate solidarity and fight for women’s rights, it is now seen as a day to recognize women and their contributions. It also presents a great opportunity for florists to boost sales.

It is a day to eat cake

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women and the achievements that they have made. There is a special cake for the occasion, called Women’s Day Special Cake, which is perfect for the day. The cake has a message of equality, and features the words “Equal for Equal” piped around the base. The cake also has the colors of the historic suffragette movement. It also features a ‘W’ to celebrate women.

International Women’s Day was first celebrated by the United Nations in 1975, and is still celebrated around the world. Some countries even dedicate the entire month of March to celebrating the achievements of women. The earliest civilizations celebrated women by crowning them as gods. It was also common to crown them with sweets as a way of celebrating their status as a queen.

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